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My Story


I'm Becky and I'm a working mom of two preschoolers and started blogging in 2012 with Stories About My Underpants. I absolutely loved connecting with friends and strangers about my life.....but then my life changed pretty drastically, pretty quickly (read: got married and had two babies within two and a half years).

During this time, I started hearing people talk about "curating" their content - for a blog, a book, their life - and sincerely wondered how. 

How do these women have the time, energy, or knowledge to curate anything when I'm spending a significant amount of any spare time I have trying to find the one toddler sock that matches the other toddler sock? Matching toddler socks is not for the weak of heart, yo. 


Besides, I've never successfully curated anything in my life. Not my wardrobe, not my book collection, and certainly nothing having to do with my kids - the closest to "curated" we get at home is all successfully being dressed and out the door somewhat on time on any given day. We've curated the art of good enough. 

And so, this is for you. The uncurated mamas out there who love themselves some perfect Pinterest boards and their monthly Real Simple subscriptions that go unread each month because your desire to maybe read it someday outweighs the cost savings if you gave into reality. The mamas who look at perfectly curated social media pages with envy and look around at the broken Cheerios on the floor and pillow forts in the corner and decide not to capture it for the Instagram world because the dust bunnies in the corner make you look bad. The mama's who are getting by with more microwaved dinners, sticky fingers, and over-booked calendars than you'd like to admit...but it's good enough, right?

I got you. This is for us. 

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