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Conversations from Cohabitation

Family coloring helps us (parents) learn the basics.

I'm not sure what it says about us as parents OR grown-ups that Ian and I spent a significant amount of time last night trying to determine whether yellow was a primary color. Thankfully, our 3.5 year old helped us out.

Me: "I'm pretty sure it's a primary, blue, green, and yellow...right? Wait, or is it just red, blue, and green?"

Ian: "I think you're right, yeah. Wait, no, maybe it's just red, blue and green? Wait, no, I don't think green is a primary color."

Me: "Yeah, actually, that sounds more right....dammit! Why don't we know this?"

Ian: "Wait, but then what colors would combine to make yellow? Yeah, yeah, I think maybe it's a primary color."


Ian: "I feel like this is something I used to know. And definitely like something that I SHOULD know."

Me: "I can't believe we're parents. Ok, yeah, yellow is a primary color...yeah...."

Rauri: "Mommy, you use yellow and red to make orange."

Us: "Yes! Ok, right, it's a primary color!"


After putting the kids down last night, Ian and I collapsed on the couch.

Me: "Did you ever imagine this would be your life?"

Ian: "It's better than I could've imagined."

Me: "Really? That's sweet. Except I still don't quite know why you decided to hitch your wagon to mine, though I'm grateful."

Ian: "I mean, there I was, just sort of floating along peacefully in a canoe. Then you came along and I was yanked out of the peaceful canoe and put on this rollercoaster and I'm just hanging on trying not to scream too much and enjoy the ride. I'm so glad I'm not in that canoe anymore, which sort of surprises me, too, to be honest."

Me: "I know this sounds strange, but that's probably the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me. I feel so seen!"

Ian: "Because I compared life with you to forever living on a roller coaster?"

Me: "Yes! It spoke to my soul for some weird reason."

Ian: "Exactly. You could basically end every sentence regarding your life with '...for some weird reason'."


Last night, I stopped in the kitchen and gave Ian a hug “just because.” For anyone who vaguely knows me, I typically hate hugging and so my husband was immediately suspicious.

Ian: “Why are we hugging? Am I dying and this is how you’re telling me?”

Me, laughing: “No, I just know that you like hugs sometimes and so I thought I’d try it. I’m attempting to grow!”

Ian, laughing: “While I appreciate the effort, if you’re trying to identify areas of growth, this is pretty far down on the list and I could tell you other places to start.”

Me, laughing harder: “I hate you so much.”

Ian, laughing harder still: “I’m just saying, of all the things you may want to focus on, hugging can take a back seat.”


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