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Conversations from Cohabitation

Nobdy ever said we were the best parents.

After being sick for nearly a week and sleeping propped up with a ton of pillows so that my gross face would drain (you’re welcome), I got a kink in my neck. So, yesterday morning, I asked Ian if he’d massage it for a few minutes to loosen up the muscle. As we’re sitting on the couch, I’m wincing and saying “ouch, keep going.”

This, of course, attracted the attention of both girls.

Rauri: “Mommy, why are you saying ‘ow’?”

Me: “Because I have a muscle in my neck that hurts and daddy is massaging it so that it feels better.”

Rauri: “But why did you say ‘ow’?”

Fiona: “Daddy hurting you!”

Me: “No, no, he’s helping.”

Rauri: “How is he helping if you’re saying ‘ow’?”

Me, laughing: “I know, it sounds kind of confusing. Even though it hurts, sometimes daddy has to hurt me a little because it helps me.”

Ian: “Um, I’m pretty sure that’s not going to help clear it up!”

Now we’re both laughing.

Rauri: “He hurts you to help you?”

Me, laughing too hard to answer.

Ian: “No, mommy just means that even though the muscle hurts, what I’m doing will make it hurt less.”

Fiona: “Daddy hurting you!”

Rauri: “He hurts you to feel better?”

Me, still laughing: “Oh boy….no, I’m sorry, I’m not explaining it right. He’s not hurting me. He’s helping me.”

Rauri: “By making you say ‘ow’?”

Me, looking at Ian: “We’re definitely getting a call from daycare later today about why daddy hurts mommy to help her.”

Ian: “Definitely.”


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