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Happy Halloween!

Oh my god, you guys, I know I’ve been gone for forever in this space and I’m sorry. It’s been an extra hectic time at work and in life and I’ve had zero extra energy to think about anything that didn’t absolutely need my brain. To be fair, my brain also sometimes didn’t have any energy to think about things that absolutely needed it, but that’s it’s normal M.O.


How is it Halloween already? And why did I decorate for Halloween on September 28th, completely confusing my kids about when Halloween actually is? They’re too young to read or understand a calendar and so we’ve basically been celebrating and eating candy corn and wearing costumes for four weeks now. Because I’m me. And something you should know about me is that I LOVE to celebrate, especially if there are lots of decorations and there's a promise of sugar. And while I, personally, am not someone who has ever particularly cared about getting all dressed up for Halloween, I do love trying to make it extra fun for the kids.

Festive AF.

Which led to this conversation with a girlfriend on Saturday while our kids were painting pumpkins together in my backyard.

Her: “Yeah, I kind of hate Halloween.”

Me: “So then you basically hate everything about what’s happening right now?”

And then I went and poured her some wine. And she liked Halloween a little bit more.

However, while I may decorate a good game, I still firmly hold onto my uncurated status.

Why? Because while I’m the genius who had smocks and washable paint on-hand for the fun, I’m also the genius who left said painted pumpkins on our front porch during the torrential downpour we had not 12 hours later.

Hey mama, you know what happens to pumpkins that are painted with washable paint?


Plus, I’d bought pumpkin stickers and left those on during the storm, too. But maybe people will just think that this is part of our spooky decorating plan?

No, they’ll know that I’m the mom who just forgot to bring in the pumpkins, probably.

But the next morning I got a text from another girlfriend of mine who’d done the exact same thing. And so, I am you. You are me. We are moms who are just trying to kill 15 minutes on a Saturday before spending 25 minutes cleaning it all up and then forgetting how washable paint works when hit with water.

Anyway, as an added Halloween bonus, I've posted some costume gems from the last few years below. Obviously dressing my youngest up as a little old lady was the win of my parenting life and I will never top it.

Happy Halloween!

Ready to take on the world!

She hated us.

Rosie's prerogative was NOT to do it, thank you very much.

Easily my best work.


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